As times change, evolve, become more challenging and exciting, and people are looking into more sustainable ways of living, we stand by our efforts serving our society, creating a positive change, and helping our country grow and progress.

Following our combined sustainable and well living visions, Char. Pilakoutas Group joins its efforts with Troodos Electric Cables LTD to present the e-Point Cyprus initiative. This initiative aims to install and build a strong network of e-Point EV chargers in collaboration with various organizations and municipalities, which will be offering the public to charge their vehicles free of charge. An investment on our side to boost the development of e-mobility in Cyprus and promote a greener tomorrow.

As two Pancyprian companies with rich history, heritage and longevity, we are now expanding our efforts to do what’s right, taking on more activities related to environmental initiatives and increasing our contribution to society.

Listening to the imperatives of the modern era and having the largest range of electric and plug-in hybrid cars and highest quality EV charging solutions in the Cypriot market, we go forward responding to all needs and preferences.

Words like sustainability, strategic partnerships, and responsible influence for us have meaning. They infuse our initiative with the force and determination to continually expand our impact on our country and our people.

Char. Pilakoutas Group

The Char. Pilakoutas Group, the Group synonymous with the automotive sector, started in 1932 with the vision to develop and expand its activities in the automotive sector.

The business path of the Pilakoutas Group covers four consecutive generations and has been identified with continuous develo pment. In 1958, a landmark year, Charalambos Pilakoutas Ltd took over the exclusive dealership of the BMW automobile manufacturer.

In 1995, Char. Pilakoutas Ltd was the new general representative of the Rover Group (Rover, Land Rover, MG). MINI, the famous British brand, joined the family in 2001, enriching the Group’s potential.

The Group became the exclusive agent of the internationally prestigious brand Jaguar, in 2004. Shortly thereafter, Nissan became an important part of the Group, further strengthening the Group’s position on the island.

Confirming the dominant position of the Group, the agreement with Rolls Royce and Alpina followed in 2007. In 2018, the Group’s potential was further strengthened with the Renault and Dacia brands and in 2019 even more with the addition of Mitsubishi.

Website:  www.pilakoutasgroup.com.cy

Troodos Electric Cables LTD

Troodos Electric Cables Ltd (TEC), established in 1973, is the largest privately owned distributor of all types of electric cables as well as other electrical installation material in Cyprus with a focus on specialized projects.

Offering well known, high quality brands and principals who are leaders in their field, TEC attributes its success to understanding the unique needs of its customers.

TEC is proud to celebrate its 50 year anniversary of service to the Cyprus market, with first-hand access and knowledge of all major consultants, contractors and electricians in the field with a management style and size that allows flexibility to adjust to market changes and customer demands.

Our values guide our everyday decisions. They also help us to attract and retain some of the most talented employees, trusted suppliers and business partners in order to protect and enhance our reputation. We strive to be a company of talented professionals who have deep industry knowledge with genuine customer care.

Website:  www.troodoselectric.com.cy